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Meeting Mechanic Community

Are your meetings having impact?

It is estimated that 25 million dollars a day is wasted on meetings! Are you contributing to that number?

It’s not about learning new tools; it’s about having impact and tuning up your message or delivery to add value to the participant. That’s what we do in the Meeting Mechanic Community – we help you create and deliver meetings with impact.

This community will help and support you with your meetings.

  • Have a question? Ask.
  • Interested in a tool and want to know more about it? Ask.
  • Looking for a great icebreaker? Ask.

We are here to answer your questions. We will provide tips, trainings and information on current tools and resources to help you decide how to have the greatest impact.

This community was designed to provide support, ideas, training, and tools for Human Resource Professionals, Trainers, and Facilitators. We will review the mechanics of a great meeting, how to tune-up your existing meetings, and how to make every meeting zoom to your end results. We will review virtual tools, in person strategies, and blended meetings. Whether you are having a company meeting, facilitating a collaborative training session, or having a team meeting – our community can help!

The Community includes:

  • Community discussions for input, ideas, questions answered, and brainstorming
  • Live sessions with a Meeting Mechanic
  • Training and videos on the mechanics of a great meeting

Our Meeting Mechanics will answer your questions, so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing the research yourself. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to be effective in the in-person, virtual or blended space.

Who this community IS for…

  • HR Leaders or managers who rely on effective and efficient meetings for the bottom line of their organization.
  • Business leaders who want to engage and ignite their staff through the power of meetings.
  • Facilitators who are working in the virtual or blended space and need support on tools, collaborative exercises, and options.

Who this community is NOT for…

  • Meeting planners who need support running large-scale meetings for clients
  • Business leaders who believe meetings are a great avenue for one-way communication.
  • Facilitators who are not skilled in their content.

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Sherri Sutton has a passion for helping create workplaces where people grow, learn, and enjoy life, and she helps companies do this by reinventing their meeting strategy. Her expertise is designing, implementing, and facilitating interactive meetings for companies, facilitators, and trainers. She serves as the Chief Meeting Mechanic for Positive Impact Force and has many certifications including Certified Reinvention Practitioner (CRP) and Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD).

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Sherri Sutton | Chief Meeting Mechanic

Sherri Sutton

Chief Mechanic

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