We inspect, align and tune up
your meetings
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and results.

Our Meeting Tune Up will create meetings that people actually want to attend:

They start on time.
They end on time.
They foster cooperation and collaboration.
They move things forward.

Isn’t that what we all want?

Small adjustments make BIG differences!

Whether it’s a routine check, or examining and diagnosing a malfunctioning meeting, we utilize the most up-to-date technologies available to keep your meetings running smoothly.

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Today is Meeting Inspection Day

Our 13-point Inspection gives you in-depth, personalized, specific feedback on where your meetings are humming along smoothly, as well as where they need adjusting. 

Put some air in those tires

Learn how to engage and interact with meeting participants as well as how to use Zoom’s features and functions.

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Making the Transition

Perfect for any facilitator that is transitioning a meeting from a physical space to a virtual space, or anyone seeking to have interactive, engaging meetings with their participants.

Mechanic Chats

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Mechanic Chats are FREE and open for anyone to attend. These Zoom calls allow you to ask questions, learn from other’s questions and share in the community of online facilitators.

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